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Smell me on the skin . . . 

Now you can experience the feeling of luxury and royalty within your own home. We collect sophisticated scents from across the land and combine them to create a unique experience. 

That will leave you feeling nostalgic and warm. Our purpose is to tell the story of every country we source our aromas from.

The Fragrance world is a fascinating and vast arena to explore. Various combinations, scents and accords communicate with the perfume lover. The feeling of a good perfume goes beyond just the bottle and the smell. It is a mode of self-expression and enhances your everyday experience with yourself.

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Seen Fragrances invites you to make our incense, spray, and perfumes an everyday part of your life. Whether you’re spritzing your home in your favorite scent or lighting incense.
Before your daily meditation, we are sure to be an addition to your routine. Turn your day around and envelop yourself in positivity and tranquility.

Seen Fragrances is on the move to making branded perfume fragrances available to the general public at an affordable price. We scout the market for the best-branded Scents, similar to perfume accessories, oils, oud wood chips that suits your taste.

HOW TO USE Using our e-store to purchase your best-branded perfume or its "similar to" creation is straight to the point. 

Make a choice of your bottle design, and size Choose your favorite Scents brand and fragrance

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